Where to Stay

As much as we would like to, we of course can't put everyone up in our home.  So for anyone finding that they need a place to stay, and haven't managed to find friends/relatives to stay with, we thought we would share a few options with you.


Day's Inn in Iselin, NJ

If you don't mind a cheap place, the easiest place to stay to get to King's Chef is the Day's Inn in Iselin, NJ.
How close is it?  It is literally in the same lot as King's Chef, you would have no problem at all walking to the reception from your room.

We've checked out the hotel and it is clean and looks nice.  The rooms seem clean, pretty much your standard hotel room.  The rooms do have flat screen TV's, free WiFi internet access, and complimentary breakfast.

We will be talking to them about rates later this week.


Woodbridge Hotel and Conference Center

If you are looking for something a bit nicer, and don't mind shelling out a whole lot more, then you might want to check out the Woodbridge Hotel and Conference Center.  It is the nicest hotel that is close to King's Chef.  It is located just a few miles south of it, so while it would not be a long one, you would have to get a ride with someone or take a taxi, or rental car.  This hotel used to be a Sheraton, but has been refurbished since then, in theory, to improve upon itself.


Other Hotels in the Area

There are actually quite a few hotels within just a few miles of the reception.  You could of course stay at any of these, some are nicer than others.  They do range from some of the rattyest hotels around, to some rather decent suites.  You can take a look on Hotels.com or any other site that points you to nearby hotels if you would like to find one of these, that suits your tastes.


Staying Further Out

These are just the options in the immediate area near the reception.  If you don't mind staying further out, there are of course tons of options.  While you can't get everywhere by public transportation, like you can in NY, you can get close to where you are going.  There is a train station less than 2 miles from King's Chef.  You can take a train to Metro Park Station, and from there, either hitch a ride with friends or family, or take a taxi to the reception.  You could stay closer to us, and head to the reception from the Princeton Junction station, or if you wish, stay as far away as New York City, which is less than an hour away from the reception by train.

If you are interested in taking the train in NJ, check out the NJTransit train schedules website, the closest station to the reception is Metro Park Station, and the closest station to us is the Princeton Junction Station.  Round trip tickets on Sunday between these two stations will run you around $12 for an adult.  If you are traveling to Metro Park Station from New York Penn Station in New York City, the fare is about $14 for round trip adult tickets.