Announcing the Arrival of Benjamin Harvey Ohlmeyer

Sorry for taking so long to get this out to everyone, but we've had a very long and trying week.  This is the first chance I've had to sit down to write about it, and sift through the pictures.

Our son, Benjamin Harvey Ohlmeyer was born at 8:55am on April 14th, 2011.  He was born 7lbs 10oz and 20cm in length.

We are all home now, and healthy and happy, a bit sleepy and worn out, but all glad to be home now.

About his name:
Benjamin is from one of my(Matt's) hero's, Benjamin Franklin.  He was one of the creators of the USA's Declaration of Independence, inventor of the lightening rod and bifocals, and can be found as the face of the $100 bill.
Harvey was my(again, Matt's) father's name.  Many of you didn't know him, but so far as I'm concerned, he is the greatest man who lived.
We plan to call him Benny most of the time, or Benny Boy, or Benny Rabbit (by the Chinese zodiac he is a rabbit)
There is a very famous story about Benjamin Bunny.  There is also a movie and play named Harvey about a man whose best friend is an invisible 6 foot tall rabbit.

A short summary of our past week:
Last Monday(4/11/2011), very very early in the morning Janet felt what MIGHT have been her water breaking.  So we did as we had been told and contacted our OB.  It's important to understand, this was already 3 days overdue.  We didn't really think it was anything, but wanted to be safe.  The OB told us we should go to the hospital, so we did, at 1am.

The hospital got us all settled in.  They checked Janet's vitals, and got her hooked up to a machine that measures the baby's heart rate and her contractions.  It showed that the baby's heart was beating fine, and also showed she was having minor contractions.  They also did a quick cotton swab test, at the OB's direction, to check to see if her water might have broken.  The test was inconclusive, but the nurse felt it was showing signs of the water having broken.  We were told to get ready for a long night, because they were pretty sure Janet was starting Labor, and the nurse even made a guess as to when the baby would be born.  We were really surprised, because we figured it was actually nothing, and came in expecting to be sent home.

I went out and got all of our baby stuff from the car, and brought it in.  Around 7 hours later, the on call OB came in, did some more swabbing, checked Janet out, and sent us home, not in Labor they said.

The next day we saw Janet's regular OB, and she checked, and all looked good.  However, she felt it was prudent to get an ultrasound done to see what was going on, specifically to measure the fluid levels.

Wednesday morning, we went to radiology to get another ultrasound.  It showed that the fluid levels were unsafely low, and the OB recommended we induce that day.  He was now 5 days overdue, and we were already worried, and so we followed her advice, and got our stuff together to go get Janet induced.

That afternoon they induced Janet, and many painful hours later she was at 9cm.  Unfortunately, she got stuck at that for 7 hours, and it was realised, she wasn't going to go any further than that.  The decision was made to have a c-section.

An hour or so later, Benjamin was born.  The c-section also revealed that he was sunny side up, and had the cord around his neck.  In all of the stress of the long lasting Labor, our baby ended up getting meconium in his lungs(look it up, or ask us if you wanna know what that means).  We are told it is common enough of a thing, especially in stressed Labors.  Moments after he was born, they were sucking it out of his lungs, and after getting a chance to touch cheek to cheek with Mom, he was whisked off to the special care nursery, which is where he spent most of his time in the hospital.

He was mostly in the special care nursery so he could be monitored and checked for issues that could arise, especially infection.  He was also given a little extra air to help him breathe better.

For a special care baby, he quickly showed that he was healthy.  The x-rays of his lungs showed at most a tiny tiny amount of meconium left over in the lungs on day 1 (which if it had happened, it would just get re-absorbed with time).  He was also put on an IV to give him energy while they checked to make sure his GI system was working correctly (low water levels can apparently cause issues with the baby's GI system).
By day 2 he was breathing perfectly fine without any assistance, and was removed from that machine.
By day 3 he was eating(and in fact, eating some of Mom's milk) and showed his digestive system was working fine, and was taken off the IV.
By day 4 all of his cultures had come up negative and he was showing that he was just a healthy baby boy, and was finally able to join us in our room near the end of the day.
Day 5(Monday), we went home with our baby, Benjamin.

It was a really rough time for us, having to be separated from him after birth for so long, and it was especially difficult on Mom(Janet).  We spent six days in the hospital, and only got to spend two half days with him in our hospital room.  And we are now just wrapping up one and a half days with him at home.(Actually, it was so late when I was writing it, that I didn't get to finish until his third day at home.)

I want to thank all of those who sent their wishes and prayers our way and especially those who spent so much time with us, and tried to keep our spirits up.

And now, as a reward for reading through this huge email;
Please have a look at the following link for several pictures of our new baby:

Thanks again everyone,
With Love,
Janet, Matt, and Benjamin